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Financial Services
: The Strategic Alliance

Sports-Management.com utilizes the financial services of The Strategic Alliance.

Our firm was established more than 70 years ago with a strong commitment
to providing quality financial services... developing long-term client relationships... and maintaining a reputation for professional achievement and innovation.

A Strong Network of Professionals . . .  Specializing in technical excellence, creativity, and sound financial judgment

Saying you're unique is easy . . . delivering on that promise is what many companies find hard to do.

The Strategic Alliance is truly one-of-a-kind.  Our structure, mission, and successes have proven that a good financial planning company should prosper and bring prosperity to its clients.  We have done just that.

Our structure makes us different: We are a firm of more than 25 professionals working together within the same office headquarters.  The gathering of these individuals provide our clients expertise in one or more specialties including, accounting, finance, investments, retirement planning and insurance.  One would normally have to deal with several different companies to benefit from this cumulative financial expertise.
In addition, The Strategic Alliance is not captive to one specific financial product provider.  We are able to deliver independent, objective recommendations to each client.

The Strategic Alliance brings together more than 25 experienced and dedicated specialists who work as a team, each doing their part, to provide unparalleled services.

Our mission sets us apart from many traditional financial services companies: your goals are ours . . . from estate planning, retirement plans, risk management, employee benefit plans, investments, tax strategies and money management--the services, plans and products delivered by The Strategic Alliance will reflect your goals and objectives--both personal and business .

Our successes are evidenced by our professional longevity: since 1923 the firm has been working with individuals, professionals, businesses, and organizations to build relationships and provide a central source of financial services. 

Throughout the years, the real successes lie in the personal and professional relationships we have built with our clients--clients who recommend our firm without hesitation to other business associates, friends and family members.

Our purpose is to add significant value to our clients' financial future through the wisdom and experience of our firm.

Unparalleled Services . . . Driven by long-term client relationships, talent and dedication.

Superior services, quality products, experience, and insight--that's what you can expect from The Strategic Alliance for your financial directions.  More than investment advice, more than an insurance broker, more than a retirement plan consultant, we deliver an individually tailored action plan to address specific financial needs:

  • Investments
  • Wealth management
  • Retirement planning
  • Business Planning  
  • Tax strategies 
  • Special Needs Planning 
  • Estate planning
  • Salary Continuation Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Educational funding
  • Life and health insurance
  • Philanthropic Planning

Securities and Financial Planning offered through WS Griffith and Co., Inc., a Registered Broker/Dealer and Investment Advisor. Member NASD/SIPC.. 2/2000

For more information, please contact the Personal Advisor nearest you.

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