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Athlete Representation : Other Sports : Swimming

Sports-Management.com utilizes the services Premier Management Group (PMG) for its swimming clients.

With its vast experience, PMG can offer its athletes and corporate clients endorsement procurement and negotiations, career management, development of integrated promotions and marketing programs, cross-promotions, media consulting and public relations, retail and in-store sales promotions focused on specific demographics, scheduling, international exposure and distribution, etc.

PMG represents a world-class group of athletes and people.  All of its  clients excel as professional sports personalities and participant in many non-profit and charitable events every year.  The following is a list of current PMG clients:

  • BJ Bedford, World Champion
  • Lindsay Benko, 1998 World Championship-Silver Medallist, National Champion
  • Brooke Bennett, Olympic Gold Medallist, World Champion
  • Tracy Bonner, National Champion
  • Gustavo Borges, 3-Time Olympic Medallist-Swimming (Brazil)
  • Bobby Brewer, National Champion, #2 ranked Backstroker-USA
  • Karen Campbell, National Champion
  • Byron Davis, 12-Time All-American, Former Record Holder, Butterfly
  • Josh Davis, 3-Time Olympic Gold Medallist-Captain, US Swimming
  • Felipe Delgado, Ecuadorian's top ranked Swimmer in 50m & 100m Freestyle
  • Richelle Fox, National Champion, 100m Butterfly, 15th Fastest in 50m Free
  • Anna Kozlova, Olympic Duet-Synchronized Swimming
  • Jason Lezak, National Champion, #1 ranked 100m Freestyle-USA
  • Kristina Lum, Olympian- Synchronized Swimming
  • Tom Malchow, 1998 Olympic Silver Medallist, 200m Butterfly
  • Jarrod Marrs, National Champion
  • Angel Martino, 3-Time Olympic Gold Medallist, 3-Time Bronze Medallist
  • Eric Mobley, Professional Basketball player
  • Martina Moravcova, 3-Time World Champion-Slovakia
  • Anita Nall, 3-Time Olympic Medalist
  • Michael Norment, #2 ranked Breaststroker in the US, Pan Pacific Team member
  • Jon Olsen, 4-Time Olympic Gold Medallist, Swimming
  • Maureen O'Toole, 7-Time World's Best Female Water Polo player
  • Bill Pilczuk, 1998 World Champion, "1998 World's Fastest Swimmer".
  • Mark Ruiz, 7-Time National Champion, 1998 U.S. Diver of the Year
  • Jarod Schroeder, Top-5 100m Butterflyer, member of the 1999 Pan-Am team
  • Bradley Schumacher, 2-Time Olympic Gold Medallist, U.S.A Water Polo player
  • Denis Silantiev, Goodwill Games-Gold Medallist-Ukraine
  • Juergen Sommer, U.S. National Team Goalie-Soccer
  • Dod Wales, National Champion-Butterfly, Pan Pacific Team Member
  • Steve West, #3 Breaststroker in U.S.A., member of the 1999 Pan-Am team

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