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Frequently Asked Questions:
I want to be a sports agent.  Where should I go to college and what should I major in?

First, get a book which lists college majors and which schools offer them.  Then contact the schools listed under sports management/administration requesting more information.  Street and Smith's Sports Business Journal covered sports management programs extensively in the December 6-12, 1999 issue and in the December 14-20, 1998 issue.  You may be able to find them at a library.  Also, this website has links to many sports management programs:  http://www.nassm.com/universities.htm
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Three of the best sports management programs are UMass, Bowling Green State University and Ohio University.   Be aware that many sports management programs are poor and a sports management degree is not necessary to work in sports or be a sports agent.  You may be better off majoring is business, law or marketing as long as you continue to stay involved in the career path of your choice.

Is law school a requirement to be an agent?

Absolutely not.  This is not a difficult industry to learn but it is very difficult to sign clients.  The most important element to becoming an agent is to establish relationships that will lead to future signings of clients.  Once you have that trust and the ability to properly represent clients, you can be a very successful agent, without law school.

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