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Athlete Representation : Tennis

Sports-Management.com utilizes the knowledge and expertise of Juan Esparcia for its tennis clients.  His experience in all aspects of tennis as a player, coach, manager and executive level director provides a strong base to build upon.

Juan’s international experience is the direct result of coaching and managing professional and/or junior players in twenty countries throughout the world, including in four grand slam events.  He has written and published numerous articles in several different magazines as well as participating in over thirty coaching workshops that focused on elite player development and the Spanish tennis system.  He was a nationally ranked player in Spain, competing in many ATP events at the Satellite and Challenger levels.

Juan’s own coaching highlights include:

  • Traveling coach of Adam Kennedy (ITF top 30, and Australian top ranked Junior), 1999/2000

  • Head Coach of the TC Schwenningen, Germany, 1998/99

  • National Coach of the Mexican Tennis Federation, 1997/98

  • Traveling coach of Kristina Trisca (WTA ranked 170, ranked 2 in Sweden), 1997

  • Traveling coach of Anne Huber WTA ranked 7, 1994/95

  • Director of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Spain, 1993/94

  • Assistant coach to Mr. Nick Bolletieri  Augmented the development of elite players:  Anna Kournikova, Svetlana Krivencheva, Tommy Haas, Max Mirny. Also sparring partner for Monica Seles, 1993

As a coach, he has been influential in elite player development with various prestigious tennis-coaching institutions across the world.  In addition to a distinguished coaching career, he is also adept at marketing and business management. As the agent representative of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Spain, he assisted with the management of academy players who were participating in various tours and competitions.  Moreover, Juan has written several business plans that have been prominent in the long term strategic planning of the Tennis Comp Group, AITA (An International Tennis Academy) and developed a European marketing plan for America International.

Juan’s coaching and player development philosophy encourages the perfect combination of technical skill, physical conditioning and psychological control possessed by the athlete. His personal philosophy encompasses a passion for tennis, striving for consistency, patience and hard work that will enable the athlete to develop the confidence and skills to achieve his or her goals.

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