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Athlete Representation : Hockey

Sports-Management.com's hockey division is directed by Darren Rousch of Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Darren Rousch

Mr. Darren Rousch Director of Hockey Operations for
Sports-Management.com, has a strong knowledge of all leagues, including the
NHL, AHL, ECHL, and European leagues.
  • Bachelor of Management Dalhousie University, 2004.  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Graduate of SMU Professional Athlete Management Course, 2002
  • CFLPA Registered Contract Advisor, January 2004

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Sports-Management takes very seriously its responsibilities as player representatives and does not treat the client as one of many.  When a client has a question, a problem, an injury or needs a new contract, SMC responds immediately by giving undivided attention until the issue is resolved to the client's satisfaction.  Regardless of who they are.

The best interest of the player remains SMC's focus and whether in the NHL, AHL, ECHL, Europe or any other professional league, the client receives personal attention, guidance and service.

Contract Negotiations:

Professional hockey is an extremely competitive and highly visible industry where the athlete's peak earning potential is achieved in relatively few years.  As a professional athlete, your income must be fully maximized during your playing years with sufficient protection of your earning potential over the long term.

To achieve this long and short-term objective, SMC will first and foremost negotiate the best personal service contract that provides you with financial security to concentrate on building your professional career.  Each client's contract is different and SMC recognizes that individual attention must be given to each contract.

SMC firmly believes that the first stage towards proper representation is a successfully negotiated contract.

To learn more about representation by Sports-Management.com,
please contact the Personal Advisor nearest you or contact us via e-mail


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