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Personal Advisors

Gregory Hale
Dumfries, VA

  • B.A., History, 1990, Virginia Tech., Blacksburg, VA
- President and Director of Football Operations
- NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor
- CFLPA Registered Contract Advisor
- Certified Athlete Agent in West Virginia & North Carolina

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Gregory Hale & Sports-Management.com proudly represent:

- Kevin Alexander – IF/OF – Modesto (Calif.) JC    (Detailed Stats)
- Derek Baker – WR/DB/OS – Buffalo State    (Detailed Stats)
- Chris Bentley – Punter – Western Oregon    (Detailed Stats)
- Albert Brady – DT/OG – Morgan State    (Detailed Stats)
- Brandon Burnside – OS/WR/DB/LB – Peoria Pirates(AF2)    (Detailed Stats)
- Brent Burnside – WR/DB – Florida Firecats(AF2)    (Detailed Stats)
- Wes Cates – RB/WR/DB – Tri-City Ciesel(NIFL)    (Detailed Stats)
- Matt Davenport – WR – Lambuth University    (Detailed Stats)
- Chris Eads – LB/LS – Sioux Falls Storm(NIFL)    (Detailed Stats)
- Aaron Hunt – PK – Clemson    (Detailed Stats)
- Todd James – Punter – West Virginia    (Detailed Stats)
- Ben Jones – OLB/S – Iowa Wesleyan    (Detailed Stats)
- Derrick Lloyd – LB – JMU    (Detailed Stats)
- Chris Long – WR/LB/DB – Univ of San Diego    (Detailed Stats)
- Tommie Mims – WR – Delaware State    (Detailed Stats)
- Guillaume Petit – DL/LS – University of Alberta    (Detailed Stats)
- Sherard Poteete – QB – Bossier City BattleWings(AF2)    (Detailed Stats)
- Tony Price – PK – James Madison University
- Erik Rockhold – PK – Appalachian State University    (Detailed Stats)
- Brenden Roy – WR – Western Carolina    (Detailed Stats)
- Shawn Scales – WR/DB – Virginia Tech    (Detailed Stats)
- Dennis Skains – DS/WR/DB – Bossier City BattleWings(AF2)    (Detailed Stats)
- Bryan White – QB – Fort Wayne Freedom(NIFL)    (Detailed Stats)
- Amos Wilson – LB/DE – Black Hills Red Dogs(NIFL)    (Detailed Stats)

Gregory Hale’s Personal Advisor Bio

On Sports-Management.com:

For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with sports. While I have always enjoyed playing sports, my true passion has been with the behind the scenes action that takes place in sports. It had always been a dream of mine to someday work in the sports management field. But until I found Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and sports-management.com, my dream was just that, a dream. Now, it is a reality.

The mission of sports-management.com is to provide a model full service sports agency built on integrity and trust, while providing mentorships for future sports agents. This mission is what first peaked my interest in sports-management.com. But it was a short 10 minute phone conversation that I had with Dr. Lynn Lashbrook , when I was first inquiring about the program that convinced me that his mission and my dream were one in the same. From that short conversation I realized that mission and concept of sports-management.com was genuine and unique and that we shared the same hopes and dreams.

The best part of the program is the network of Personal Advisors. Even though the Personal Advisors are spread out all across the US and Overseas, we are a tight cohesive group that is more than willing to help another Advisor out with whatever is needed. No matter what the situation or need, other Personal Advisors are there to help you out along the way with their own experiences.

While I have begun to realize my dream, it is my hope that I will be able to help others realize their dream of becoming a professional athlete.

- Gregory Hale

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